Variousness 36



Image from Midnight Radio. Answers on a postcard please.

Today’s links:

The Poverty of anti-imperialism

George Galloway – racial nationalist. // George Galloway and the Syrian national socialists. // Leading “Anti-Imperialist” Hugo Chavez And The Syrian Murderer. // Bin Laden and the Stop the War Coalition.

Left antisemitism etc

Eirik Eiglad: Anti-Semitism, Israel, And The Left. // If Americans Knew Alison Weir, Website Documenting Antisemitic Activist.

Beyond autonomism

Excuse Me, Waiter, There is Some Autonomism in my Soup.

The rise of the Euro-right

Karl Pfeifer on the token Jew in Hungary’s right-wing Fidesz government.

Nazis in the Middle East

Derek Penslar on Gilbert Achcar on the Mufti.

Kritik & theory

Steven Jones: A communist critique of some aspects of early CrimethInc. (2005/2006) // W: Rethinking CrimethInc. (2006)

Autonomous culture

Dance before the police come in.


Sources of hope and of despair for radicals. // 1 May.

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5 Responses to “Variousness 36”

  1. 2 modernityblog

    ent, about time with Galloway?

    Ta for the link, antig

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