The left needs to watch its language


From a post by Owen Jones:

Radical ideas, moderate words. Lefties often think that, if you’re pushing really radical policies, the language you use has to be equally radical. If it’s not, it’s almost seen as betraying your left-wing beliefs. But you can promote ideas with moderate language without diluting their radicalism. People who don’t already consciously sign up to your politics (that’s about 85% of the population, by the way) will be far more likely to listen. Tub-thumping, r-r-revolutionary rhetoric will win cheers from keffiyeh-wearing SOAS students. But that’s about it.

2 Responses to “The left needs to watch its language”

  1. 1 Who Cares

    This is kind of silly. Please publish something on the Egypt and how it fits the Anti-German paradigm.

  2. 2 daggi kroeschel

    It might be silly, but it is true, no?

    Silly are these “Kaffiyeh”, from some German anti-Germans:

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