Playing at revolution/celebrity scarf-wearing


Martin in the Margins on the G20 protests in London:

[…] As for the make-up of the crowd, a large proportion of them seemed to be London University students out for an end-of-term carnival, plus a hard core of balaclava and keffiyeh-wearing activists playing at being revolutionaries for the day.[…]

And here is Russell Brand so attired.

If I’m reading right, this is Brand’s account*. He is quite articulate, to my surprise.

As I met the throng, the incongruous mass that occupied the Square Mile – making it, for once a Hip Mile, I breathed in the banners and chants and the sweet youthful purpose that prevailed from those present regardless of their age – the Sixties refugees all tie-dye and ganja seem younger somehow than the black-block adolescents in their secular hijabs of hoods and scarves.

I like that phrase “secular hijabs”. Certainly, he is right about this:

Capitalism has failed us. All of us, even people who’ve recently become well off, like me. The system has failed because it’s created disparity and discontent because it is devouring the planet. It is irresponsible and unaccountable and it will forever cyclically fail so we need to look at an alternative.

Another good phrase, this time from Brendan O’Neill**: “apocalypse porn”.

Soundtrack: Gary Clail.

*Ah, here is the original source.

**Yes, I know he is a wanker.

7 Responses to “Playing at revolution/celebrity scarf-wearing”

  1. 1 matt

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. 2 ri0t


    funny that other people saw that too.
    i first saw ’em running around in some news report (forgot which one) and then later on on the big picture site by the boston globe.
    somehow i haven’t made it to london, so i just know the so called anti-war protest from pictures and reports by bloggers, newssites and engage. but still i’m disgusted every time i see those reports.
    it’s rather shocking to know, that some (in england it looks like the majority) of the left are lining with islamists and antisemits. and they even don’t care to relativize the shoa (best example was your link to the so called antifacists in sweden).

    but thanks again for this posting.

    ps: it’s good to know, that there are people with some sense in the british radical left.

  3. 3 antigerman


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