From On A Raised Beach:

A rash of occupations, sit-ins, what have you, has spread across universities in Glasgow. Sadly they have nothing to do with the class struggle, galloping unemployment (which is what is probably facing those doing the sitting in) and the current financial crisis of global capitalism, and everything to do with Middle East politics [khaffiyehs are sooooo radical chic, Tarquin!] One of the principal demands of these occupying groups is closer links with a body called ‘The Islamic University of Gaza.’ Fucksake. An Islamic University is as much a contradiction in terms as a Catholic University. Your university is a place where dogma is in the doghouse and speculation, freethinking and challenging received ideas are the order of the day. Why shackle yourself to clerical fascism, misogyny, homophobia and kowtowing to a ‘holy book’ that puts you back in the 7th century? The first question on the history paper in the 1967 St Andrews University Bursary Competition was How dark were the Dark Ages? This is in fact a very sensible question to ask. If we go on arselicking the fundamentalists we are likely to find out sooner rather than later.

Relevant to this.

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