Anti-capitalism today


Some helpful reading:

Ross Wolfe: Capital in history, a lexicon

Federico Campagna: Recurring Dreams – the red heart of fascism / I am not the 99%

Facing the War: The position of the observer / Some thoughts on the occupations

Adam Holland: Occupy Wall Street, antisemitism, and the perils of the big tent


3 Responses to “Anti-capitalism today”

  1. That first Federico Campagna piece, aside from having some questionable views, also gets some basic facts wrong.

    For example: “It has to be noted that both Italian and German fascism was the expression of the political will of the democratic majority and did not originate from a sudden, military coup d’etat. ”

    Actually, in the November 1932 Reichstagswahlen, the SPD and KPD had a combined vote of 37.3 percent. 4 percentage points more with the NSDAP. The NSDAP were the strongest party, but only because the left was split (as well as bourgeois liberal and democratic forces). Hitler was named Chancellor by Hindenburg.

    Unless Campagna means by “will of the democratic majority” something completely banal and uninteresting like the fact that in most societies, the majority of the population is not engaged in active resistance against whatever regime is currently in power.

    Does this blog just publish anything that purports to criticize alleged reactionary tendencies within the left, even if the article in question is total crap? What’s the point of that kind of affected iconoclasm?

  2. Sorry, major typo: “4 percentage points more with the NSDAP”

    Should read “4 percentage points MORE THAN the NSDAP”

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