The Anti-Zionism of fools


On anti-Zionists who flirt with Nazis:

Viva Palestina stands with fascist killers of Palestinians

Sir Gerald Kaufman and Hamas Chic

On the anti-Zionism of the 1970s:

Via It’s ComplicatedHow Nasser pushed anti-Zionism in Africa by Michelle Seiff in Z-Word

On weird anti-Zionism:

Edith Lutz, representative of German Jews on “the Jewish boat” for Palestine, is as Jewish as a pork chop

6 Responses to “The Anti-Zionism of fools”

  1. 1 Who Cares

    And what would be the anti-zionism of the smart, then?

  2. It’s nice to know I have at least one reader, Who cares!

  3. 3 Who Cares

    And an avid one at that!
    Then show your gratitude and answer my questions! I provoke, but I mean well.

  4. OK, in this case, I think anti-Zionism which is also rigorously anti-nationalist is the anti-Zionism of the smart.

    I think Angelus Novus’ slogan is something like “all states are apartheid states”. Any anti-Zionism which takes this line is fine by me.

    There is also historical Jewish anti-Zionism of both the left (the Bund) and the right (Haredi anti-Zionism, e.g. historical Agudat Israel, or Neturei Karta up until recently) which was about a debate within the Jewish diaspora about the nature of Jewish identity, in which the anti-Zionist position was a probably the correct one. After WW2 and after 1948, the terms of the debate change, and the space for a Jewish anti-Zionism of the smart shrinks and shrinks, as testified to by the current insanity of the NK leadership, or the ridiculous posturing of most as-a-Jew anti-Zionists. The honorable exceptions to that would be groups like the Jewish Socialist Group in the UK or Jewish Currents in the US that still connect to the older debates.

    Does that answer your questions?

  5. 5 Joanne

    I guess the real way it goes is: just as antisemitism is the socialism of fools, anti-Zionism is the anti-imperialism of fools.

    Another thought: one advantage of Zionism’s being an unfashionable cause is that it doesn’t attract the legions of groupies, opportunists, and fools that have flocked to the left-wing pro-Palestinian side. At least the pro-Zionist ranks don’t have so many Lutzes, Ridleys, Kaufmans, and Booths.

  6. I am no fool, but no zionist either. Neither am I an anti-semite, but the Israeli state as it exists now is oppression to Palestinians.

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