The Palestine Solidarity Campaign

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Further to this: the blog Exposing Antisemitism has been carefully detailing the depth of antisemitism within the British Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). To me, this evidence confirms my belief that “Palestine Solidarity”, as a political movement, has very little to do with solidarity with the (very real and terrible) suffering of actual Palestinians, and everything to do with white Western problems with imaginary Jews.

Anyway, this post is of particular interest to us here. I have extracted a big chunk, with a few hyperlinks added for reference.

PSC Branches Linking to Holocaust Denying Website

The Palestine Think Tank website effectively closed down in February 2011. However, while the old website is not available, there is evidence regarding its anti-Semitism.
A video by Anthony Lawson was posted by the Palestine Think Tank in March 2010. In this video, Lawson says:

All over the world Zionists build museums and memorials to their Holocaust and strive to put people in gaol for what is more properly described as historical research but which they call Holocaust denial or revisionism; an attempt to prohibit enquiry into even the more questionable aspects of the alleged events which took place in forced labour camps during the Nazi era.

While he is narrating these lines, the video shows photos of well-known Holocaust deniers Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, Robert Faurisson, David Irving, Sylvia Stolz and Gerald Toben.

The journal of the Anti-Racist Action, Turning The Tide, published the following in its October/December 2010 issue [pdf]:

In TTT Vol. 23 #2, April-June 2010 we printed “International Campaign in Support of Palestinian Political Prisoners” by Yousef Abudayyeh. This article was originally published on the Palestine Think Tank website where Abudayyeh is a regular contributor. That site has published a direct attack against Rose City Antifa and the Anti-Racist Action Network written by the webmaster for Eugene, Oregon’s Pacifica Forum, another pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic project. One of the Think Tank’s founders, “ex-Jew” Gilad Atzmon, has circulated pro-Zündel material. He has written that “throughout the centuries, Jewish bankers bought for themselves some real reputations of backers and financers of wars and even one communist revolution.” (Atzmon’s article was pulled from Palestine Think Tank but remains on his personal site.) A particularly disturbing aspect of Palestine Think Tank is its promotion of “Israeli organ harvesting” allegations, a modern-day variant of the earlier Blood Libel that alleged that Jewish people killed Christian and Muslim children to use their blood in religious rituals. Yousef Abudayyeh, whose article appeared in TTT, signed on to Palestine Think Tank’s promotion of the “organ harvesting” libel.

A fuller account can be found here .Despite this (at least) the Bradford and Waltham Forest branches of the PSC linked to it. So do the Halifax Friends of Palestine and the Liverpool Friends of Palestine, both of which are affiliated with the PSC.

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