Anti-National Translation does fashion


Or, rather, Paul Stott does:

Upstart Clothing – Blaggers ITA Shirts

This blog has rarely covered fashion, but a plug for Upstart Clothing in Leeds is long overdue.

Above is their Blaggers ITA t shirt, and you can view the full range of everything from boots to coats either at the Leeds Corn Exchange or on-line.



3 Responses to “Anti-National Translation does fashion”

  1. 1 Sean

    thats a shame because blaggers are a superb bunch of people who make excellent music but what’s with the knives? Irony? Distance? Arful engagement with the forces of praxis blah blah blah. It makes me feel sick – kids getting knifed on the streets every day. Why would anyone want to wear this as a fashion statement? Like the whole concept ‘fashion’ it is for people with buckets for brains.
    A bit like wearing a man nailed to a cross to signify your religion.

  2. Sean, I tend to agree. It looks rather fascist to me!

    It is a reference to the three arrows symbol of the German SPD (against royalism, against Hitlerism, against Stalinism) that became an anti-fascist symbol)

  1. 1 The Hitler youth hairstyle « Anti-National Translation

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