Praxis Records 20th Anniversary Party


From History is Made at Night:

Looking forward to Friday’s Praxis records party in London, all aboard the MS Stubnitz boat (facebook events details here) . Praxis released its first records in November 1992, and twenty years later is still going strong. Started by Christoph Fringeli in South London, and associated in the mid-1990s with the famous Brixton Dead by Dawnparties, it is now based in Berlin. It has stayed true to its mission of putting out sounds from the noisier, faster, more experimental, but still very much partyable end of electronic music. There’s a great line up next week, with various people associated with Praxis and related projects at various times: –

Bambule –– Base Force One –– Controlled Weirdness –– Dan Hekate –– DJ Stacey –– DJ Scud (Ambush/Sub/Version)- Eiterherd –– FZV –– Kovert –– Somatic Responses –– Warlock – VJ: Sansculotte

The boat is located at King George V Dock, Gallions Reach (DLR-Station), Royal Docks, London – it is a stationary boat, so you can get on and off when you like!Doors open 11pm on Friday 2nd November, music starts midnight and goes until 6.Tickets on the night: GBP 10.00.

The venue itself will be worth the effort. The MS Stubnitz is a former East German deep-sea fishing vessel, converted in 1992 to a floating cultural space. It came over to London earlier this year for the ill-fated Bloc festival. In fact, as chaos and overcrowding ensued on shore, leading to the cancellation of the festival, the party on the Stubnitz went fine by all accounts, with DJ Controlled Weirdness and others holding it together.

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