Moishe Postone in London


This came via Engage:

Unit for Global Justice

Reflections on the Antinomies of Capitalist Modernity: History, the Holocaust, and the Left

Moishe PostponeMoishe Postone Professor in the History Department at the University of Chicago The author of Time, Labour, and Social Domination: A Reinterpretation of Marx’s Critical Theory, his research and teaching focus is on critical social theories of capitalist modernity. He is particularly interested in self-reflexive theories of historical context — theories that seek to grasp social, economic, and cultural processes in ways that illuminate the relation of such processes to the theories themselves. His work also focuses on the problematic of modern anti-Semitism and questions of history, memory, and identity in postwar Germany, as well as on the issue of the global transformations of the past three decades and their implications for understanding the historical trajectory of the 20th century.

‘History and Helplessness: Mass Mobilization and Contemporary Forms of Anticapitalism’ by Moishe Postone is available for free download on the Engage website here: This event is co-hosted by the Unit for Global Justice at Goldsmiths, University of London and the Centre for Jewish Studies at SOAS

Event to be held at 7.00pm, Monday 15 June 2009,
Room G50,
School of Oriental and African Studies
University of London
Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG

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