Critique and theory


///Moishe Postone:

Geoffrey Wildanger: Heidegger’s Inheritance of Hegel’s Experience [mentions Moishe Postone and Robert Kurz as Adornian critics of Hegal]

///Chris Arthur:

Jonathan Dettman: Notes on Christopher Arthur on labour and capital

///Gáspár Miklós Tamás:

The Left and Marxism in Eastern Europe: an interview


Louis Proyect attacks Platypus 1917 as “an American Eustonite”

///Recentish from Cafe Critique:

[PDF] Trivialisation and Economic Cooperation
[DOC|PDFAlpendonaunazis für Ahmadinejad
[DOC|PDFRosenkranz im Postnazismus
[DOC|PDF] Sitcom as Endgame, Tatort out of the Volksempfänger
[DOC|PDF] Deutschland und der Iran
[DOC|PDFKritik der Religion
[DOC|PDFGeschäft statt Minarett
[DOC|PDFLob des Zinses
[DOC|PDFEuropa und Iran: Terrorliste statt Dialog
[DOC|PDFEurope and Iran: List of Terrorists instead of dialogue

///Added: David Harvey

Review of Harvey on Marx’s Capital by Andrew Coates.

4 Responses to “Critique and theory”

  1. This looks really interesting. I don’t suppose you (or other readers?) could summarise for the benefit of those whose German-reading is not up to this?

  2. Enderwitz’s main argument is, that Scheit simply affirms contemporary capitalism and especially “interest” as civilizing forces and that he is stuck in a framework which sees no differences between today’s world and Nazi Germany … another interesting piece on a different topic:

  3. Thanks for both of those Entdinglichung

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