Variousness 14


/// Germany: Stefan Steinberg on Peter Sloterdijk’s defence of German Central Bank executive member Thilo Sarrazin and his racist, antisemitic outburst. The Chicago Boyz on East Germany then and now. And Slack Andy with some antifa notes:

In Germany: “An 88-year-old former Waffen SS fanatic went has gone on trial accused of the wartime execution of three civilians in the Netherlands during the Second World War”, while elsewhere a German woman is keeping Berlin clean of neo-Nazi propaganda, a mission inspired by her encountering a sticker 20 years ago: ‘”I was angry that I hadn’t scratched the sticker off,” she recalls. She returned that evening and it was still hanging there. She couldn’t understand why the many people who had waited at the bus stop that day hadn’t bothered to remove it. “So I decided to stop looking the other way,” she says.’

Which was, of course, her first mistake.

/// Holocaust comparison: Brazil: Shimon Hilter. US/UK: Far right Tory Dan Hannan is at it again, in bed with Ron Paul in attacks on the NHS using dodgy WWII references (source). UK: Exposing the right-wing press use of dodgy Hitler references (e.g. liberals are fascists, binmen are nazis or all scientists are Josef Mengele).

//Paganism in strange places: Dan Halloran, conservative, Republican, Odinist: Queens Tribune, Village Voice, Cargo Culte.

/// Critique and theory: New from Anarchist Federation: Against Nationalism. Postone v Debord. Zizek quotes Postone [via PD].

“NS: So we have lost the political economy in Marx?
SZ: There are some marginal good signs – Moishe Postone is one of the few people who really asks the question, what to do with Marx’s political economy today? ….. If you read the predominant cultural left, you’d have thought that Marx’s Capital is some kind of treatise on commodity fetishism and other cultural phenomena. Sorry, but Marx meant it as a critical theory of society, giving a diagnosis and so on. I think things today call for analysis”

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