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The left, global kicking off, and communisation theory Roger Rashi, Sam Gindin, Stephen Eric Bronner, Aaron Benanav, & Richard Rubin: Program and utopia. Extracts: Aaron Benanav (Endnotes): …We in Endnotes want to say, “There was never a time when the Left really mattered. What mattered was something else — the workers’ movement.” The concept of the Left provided a way for Social […]

Three more or less unrelated items. Slovenian philosopher: “Antisemitism is alive and kicking in Europe” Saturday, June 25 2011|Mairav Zonszein: On Friday evening, Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek gave a lecture in a bookstore in Central Tel Aviv teeming with familiar faces of leftwing activists. It was hosted by Udi Aloni, an Israeli-American artist and BDS activist, […]

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Illustration from Antiterra, from Midnight Radio Soup. Chris Mansour: Praxis, theory, and the unmakeable: An interview with Robert Hullot-Kentor: Platypus Review 33 | March 2011 [PDF] On February 19, 2011, Chris Mansour of Platypus interviewed Robert Hullot-Kentor, noted Adorno translator and author of Things Beyond Resemblance: Collected Essays on Theodor W. Adorno. What follows is an edited transcript of […]

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/// Germany: Stefan Steinberg on Peter Sloterdijk’s defence of German Central Bank executive member Thilo Sarrazin and his racist, antisemitic outburst. The Chicago Boyz on East Germany then and now. And Slack Andy with some antifa notes: In Germany: “An 88-year-old former Waffen SS fanatic went has gone on trial accused of the wartime execution […]