A united front in Germany?


I missed this from back in February:

A United Front Emerges In Germany

germany politics westernized liberal marxist socialist conservative libertarian anti fascistAre we seeing the genesis of a multi-partisan pro-Western political scene in Germany? Contributing Writers Niklas Anzinger and Daniel Fallenstein examine the implications of this promising development.

Writing for The New Republic, Jeffrey Herf recognized the emergence of a mix of conservatives, liberals and leftists with a common vision of indivisible universal human rights in Germany. The demarcation lines are often blurred. Where do they come from and what unites them?

Some of them are genuine libertarians. Some emerged from the anti-fascist Left and radical criticism of regressive tendencies in Leftist mainstream.

The Frankfurt School scholars recognized regressive tendencies in the German Left that are stuck in traditional Marxist thinking. Jean Amery, a Jewish-Austrian intellectual and radical Leftist noticed the German Left´s hostility towards Israel in the aftermath of the Six-Day-War 1967. At that time, German Leftist terrorists seperated Jewish and non-Jewish passengers in the Entebbe hostage taking in 1976. [READ THE REST]

One Response to “A united front in Germany?”

  1. 1 Who Cares

    “Pro-Western” is a retarded concept with very little meaning, if any.

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