Kritik & theory


Principia Dialectica: A postmodern Keynes: ‘the nomadic hive manifesto’ (Moishe Postone versus Kenyes on drugs) / Some Precisions about Anselm Jappe and Marshall Sahlins (primitivism and radicalism) // Archive Fire: War on the Earth: David Barsamian interviews Vandana Shiva / Ross Wolfe: My War against Vandana Shiva: A Long but Interesting Exchange with Michael from Archive Fire regarding Marxism and the Environment // David Hirsh: Why is there antisemitism on the left? Phoebe and Moishe// Timothy Hall: Subject, class, and the Hegelian legacy in critical social theory // Adam Kotsko: Nazism as Misconceived Anti-Capitalism // Knox Peden: The better half (on Benjamin Noys, The Persistence of the Negative: A Critique of Contemporary Continental Theory) // Junge Link: Historical materialism – An anti-revolutionary theory of revolution// Raya Dunayevskaya: Political-Philosophic Letter on the Six Day War // Moishe Postone: Anti‑Semitism and National Socialism

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