Variousness 30

Das „Adorno-Denkmal“ auf dem „Theodor-W.-Adorn...

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New blog

Left antisemitism.

The right

Tables, Ladders and Chairs: Telos, Artificial Negativity and The Big Society (1 of 2) //  (2 of 2). // The structural antisemitism of Ross Douthat and the Tea Party movement.

Jaime Semprun RIP

Obituaries: Principia DialecticaNot BoredObituary by Jules Bonnot de la BandeLibcomLoren Goldner.


The SWP’s blind spot. // Thoughts on the Dialectics of Revolution and Palestinian Nationalism.

History wars

SWP say Hitler’s not all bad.

Critique of arms

Kasama debate Jairus Banaji on the Naxalites.

Theory and critique

Value: the true subject of capitalism. // Reification a myth? On Gillian Rose on Sohn-Rethel.

Texts and resources

Moishe Postone“History and Helplessness: Mass Mobilization and Contemporary Forms of Anticapitalism” (2006) // Iraqi Communist Party, Letter about the Situation in Iraq (2006) // Spartacist League“The Senile Dementia of Post-Marxism” (2006) // Liza Featherstone, Doug Henwood, and Christian Parenti, “ ‘Action Will Be Taken’: Left Anti-Intellectualism and its Discontents” (2002) // Robert Pippin“On Critical Theory” (2003) // Chris Cutrone“Capital in History” (2008) // Max Horkheimerselections from Dämmerung (1926–31) //  Theodor W. Adorno“Imaginative Excesses” (1944–47) // Siegfried Kracauer“The Mass Ornament” (1927) // Wilhelm Reich“Ideology as Material Power” (1933/46) // Adorno“Sexual Taboos and the Law Today” (1963) // Adolph Reed“The ‘Black Revolution’ and the Reconstitution of Domination” (1979) // Reed, “Paths to Critical Theory” (1984) // Marx, selections from the Grundrisse (1857–61) // Martin Nicolaus“The Unknown Marx” (1968)
// Postone“Necessity, Labor, and Time” (1978) // André Gorz, from Strategy for Labor (1964) // Viren Murthy: Reconfiguring Historical Time: Moishe Postone’s Interpretation of Marx [money quote] // Postone: Rethinking Marx’s Critical TheoryCritical Theory and the Twentieth CenturyThe Subject and Social Theory: Marx and Lukács on HegelTheorizing the Contemporary World: Robert Brennet, Giovanni Arrighi, David Harvey.

[Sources: Platypus; Crisis & critique.]

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