Variousness 29 [Fascism/Central Europe/Critique and theory]



Anti-fascist punk?

An interview with Oi Polloi on their attitudes to Israel, Jews, etc. Intro and questions in German, answers in English. [Via Waterloo Sunset here.]

Those “immigrants” and their “Nazi” love for Germany:

An incoherent article about some incoherent politics. Any more information about this gratefully received. [Via Waterloo Sunset here.]

On the new liberal anti-fascism in Central Europe:

Jeffrey Herf. Namechecked are: Matthias Kuntzel; the SPD’s Klaus Faber, a founding member of the Coordinating Committee of German Non-Governmental Organizations against Anti-Semitism (Koordinierungsrat deutscher Nicht-Regierungsorganisationen gegen Antisemitismus); Anette Kahane, director of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation; Stop the Bomb; and veteran campaigning journalist Karl Pfeifer. [Via Harry’s Place.]

More Herf at TNR: on Walter Laqueur, on Robert Wistrich.

On the Nazis in the Arab world:

Hans Kundnani: Nazi and Israeli propaganda (on the Jeffrey Herf book – see also his piece on Paul Berman)

Jorg Haider’s Libyan links:


///CRITIQUE AND THEORY beneath the fold.

On the forms of capital:

A short critique from Doug Henwood of attempts to separate finance capital from “productive capital,” and the relation such positions have to antisemitim, racism, and nationalism. [Via Contested Terrain, who extract the money quote, as its were.]

From the Sunday papers:

* Just found out that the Endnotes collective have published another issue of their infrequent journal, no.2 looks set to be a tasty read with articles on value form marxism and its relatiosnhip to communisation. Here is an article they wrote during the start of the crisis to whet your appetite.

* Critical article from the Platypus Affiliated Society. This is part of a series discussing “the decline of the Left”. Haven’t read the others but enjoyed this one, even if trying to link the Iranian revolution, Collapse of the USSR and the rise of alter-global “activist-ism” might be trickier than the author admits. However he is right in criticising all these things and in suggesting a new, relevant exit strategy from Capitalism can only be begun to be discussed after we have dissected what has come before.

* And finally, another Michael Heinrich piece. Pretty heavy going but explores Marx’s understanding of money. Ends with a critique of a foreshortened analysis of capital which fetishes financial capital as  the unnatural or predatory aspect of capital. This was apparent at the start of the crisis with lots of discussion of how it was a crisis of fictitious capital which would not affect the material, tangible economy which was seen to operate in semi-isolation..

Finally, two oddities.

Can there be a Jewish libertarian communism? A debate on libcom.

Jerusalem, anno 1854 (1854, Auszug aus Die Kriegserklärung – Zur Geschichte der orientalischen Frage) Marx writing about Palestine for an American audience, translated into German.

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