Anti-Germans attack ortho-Marxists in Hamburg?


From Andy:

The next link in my crazy chain is Anti-German Translation, which should probably be read alongside of Entdinglichung and Poumista. A hot piece of gossip on the Anti-Germans is the alleged assault by some from their camp on ‘anti-revisionist’ communists in Hamburg; seeAntideutscher Angriff auf die B5. Those responsible may or may not be linked to the Bündnis gegen Hamburger Unzumutbarkeiten (Alliance Against Hamburg Unacceptabilities). The incident may or may not, in turn, be linked to ongoing debates within the German left inre anti-Semitism, Israel, and related matters — especially some earlier incidents revolving around films (and boycotts).

Will do some web research on this at some point – if anyone knows more about this, please do leave a comment.

2 Responses to “Anti-Germans attack ortho-Marxists in Hamburg?”

  1. Thanks. Also saw your comment at SlackBastard, which I post here:
    sensible leftists in hamburg (still the majority on the left there) avoid to cooperate with both the B5 & the surrounding groups like SoL, KAH & TAN (animal right weirdos who were “anti-germans” 12 years ago) and with the majority of the anti-german groups, both scenes desperately need each other for justifying their crap and to strengthen their identity

    the best text on the recent conflicts in Hamburg so far is in my opinion Szeneperistaltik: Gegen linken Konservatismus – zum ständigen Gezänk zwischen Antideutschen und Antiimps by the comrades of the Anarchistische Gruppe/Rätekommunisten (AG/R) … but this text is only available in German so far
    machine translation:

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