From the South Side


Annual South Side ARA Zine #3 (Mid 2011- April 2012)

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This is South Side ARA’s 3rd annual zine. This zine, just like the ones before it, is filled with intel on local fascists, action reportbacks and analysis. It represents a written documentation of the work we have done, supported, or have taken interest in from mid-2011 to April of 2012.

It’s important that we recognize fascism as a component (or opponent) in the class struggle; it is a force that may influence the disenfranchised and those with potentially insurgent desires. They use populist, resurgent and nationalist politics in their attempts to sway people toward a world based on discipline, control, hierarchy and order. Those who reject the illusionary appeal of mainstream politics and capitalist wage slavery are the same people that we need in order to truly challenge capitalism and the state, towards a world based on freedom, creativity, and the fulfillment of our desires – reclaiming control of our lives and all the possibilities therein.
This zine is an attempt to not only document ARA’s work, but to push others to analyze and understand fascism as a complex social movement, as well as think about the relevance of militant anti-fascism: an area of work less likely to be bogged down in reformist and liberal doctrine, being firmly rooted in practice as well
as theory.
To be honest, I find ARA’s politics somewhat incoherent: are identity politics, ultra-liberalism, outre black bloc posturing, class analysis, anti-Zionism and militancy compatible ultimately? However, there’s some worthwhile stuff in the zine, including a long section at the back about fascists targeting the Occupy movement, with long extracts from Matthew Lyons’ texts from 3WF and a text by ARA members about no platforming fascists within the Occupy movement, adapted from this article.
There’s also a middle section where they profile some local fascists. Here’s some overlapping material from their blog:

Introducing Right Wing Libertarian Pablo W Wolfe

Pablo Wolfe(far right)

This lovely creature before you is an interesting one. His name is Pablo Wolfe, he is 32 years old and he is an avid supporter of everyone’s favorite mainstream white nationalist, Ron Paul. He has regularly attended tea party demonstrations, and is very close friends with white supremacist Erich “Scott” Kriske of now defunct Chicago Mafia Skins(CMS). Pablo is rumored to be one of the handful of people attempting to gather counter-intelligence (and doing a piss poor job of it) on anti-racists and leftists alongside John Alexander (Blood and Honour) and Erich “Scott” Kriske.

Wolfe defines his political outlook as a “moral individualist” or “anarcho-capitalist” (a joke amongst the real anarchist spectrum).  He claims to be influenced by elements of the American right that include Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan.Wolfes politics, much like other Tea Party and libertarian types, focuses on tax reform, the “End the Fed” (Federal Reserve) movement, anti-immigration and hostility towards communism and left wing radical politics.  Anarcho-capitalists, free-market libertarians, and other right-wing individualists emphasize a politics that opposes the state and leaves capitalism (and therefore economic inequality) intact.  These political ideologies do nothing to address different systems of oppression like racism or sexism, and “libertarians” that support and participate in racist anti-immigrant protests are actively reinforcing the borders of the state they claim to oppose.  These anti-immigrant movements push working-class white people to blame undocumented workers displaced by capitalism, confusing effects with cause. [READ THE REST]

Who is Jesse Deutsch?

Jesse Abraham Deutsch is a “national anarchist” AKA fascist scumbag. Jesse has large life rune tattoos on both of his forearms, “still ill” on his collarbone, a deaths head skull on his inner right arm and variations of ss bolts on  his neck and elsewhere. . Aside from his tattoos he wears red laced boots, death in June shirts and has a Hitler-esque haircut. In our eyes, this combination of signs screams white supremacist, but taking a look closer, as any serious antifascist should, only confirms it.

Jesse has claimed to be influenced by Francis Parker Yockey who was involved with many far right causes around the world and remains one of the “seminal influences in many extremist right political and race / nationalist movements. He promoted; harsh criticism of Jews, German National Socialism and other Fascist causes.” Jesse is also influenced by what is called “neo-Volkish movements”. “These loose networks revive or imitate the völkisch movement of 19th and early 20th century Germany in their defensive affirmation of white identity against modernity, immigration, multiracialism, and multiculturalism. Some identify as neo-fascist, neo-Nazi, or Third Positionist; others are politicised around some form of white ethnic nationalism or identity politics, and may show anarchist tendencies.”

Jesse is Orcadian and German and originally lived in st.Louis. He then moved to long beach California sometime after 2008. He has attended Saint Louis Community College-Forest Park and University Of Missouri-St Louis Majoring in nursing and Philosophy and minoring in German. He does not define as a Nazi and actually calls himself a national anarchist and Odian. But it goes without question that Jesse is a fascsist and therefore should not be welcome in our city. According to word on the street, this message has already been delivered in a less than nice way. [READ THE REST]

2 Responses to “From the South Side”

  1. 1 Svensk

    Lol, these protesters wouldn’t know what anarchism was if it put on a dress and danced samba around them.

  2. 2 DcD

    Anti German? Sounds like you’re the racist here.

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