National anarchists [sic] in Manchester


British Movement in Rusholme

by Manchester Anti Fascist Alliance (MAFA)

For a second time in two weeks the British Movement have been stickering on the Curry Mile in Rusholme, the main Asian district in South Manchester…

Today a few ‘Radical Youth Resistance’ stickers with a website were put up over MAFA stickers. It seems this is a National Socialist group related to the British Movement. The group uses anarcho imagery as seen in Europe, in Liverpool the Liverpool Front call themselves Nationalist Autonomists.

Footnotes: from Searchlight:

But now, raise your right arms for the fiery star of Channel 4’s 2010 documentary Young, Angry and White, Kieren Trent.

Trent, who is articulate and working class, was seen as something of a boutique acquisition for the party. Certainly angry and white, Trent had been filmed contemplating the temptations of the rival National Front and “autonomous nationalists” of the now-defunct English National Resistance.


Not helping is that Trent has himself apparently announced that “Resistance” the BNP youth wing that he heads, is no longer aligned to any Nationalist party. As well as giving Nazi salutes, it looks like he is quite happy to pose in front of any old flag or poster. For someone so young, the “Young, Angry & White” Mr Trent has been in something like five different organisations’ already, including the National Front, British Movement and English National Resistance.

Some background: Edmund Standing in 2009:

It seems there are some new Nazi kids on the block, this time going by the name of the ‘English National Resistance‘. Seeking to model themselves on European ‘Black Bloc‘ ‘autonomous nationalist’ groups (essentially neo-Nazisposing as anarchists), the ENR favour ‘direct action’ tactics – currently in the form of spray painting slogans and illegal fly posting, looking at their promotional video.

The ENR website has lots of drivel attempting to merge leftist rhetoric with racial nationalism and claims to not support neo-Nazism while at the same time posting music by openly Nazi ‘hate rock’ and ‘RAC’ bands and offering links to sites including the Combat 18 affiliated ‘Racial Volunteer Force’. [READ THE REST]

4 Responses to “National anarchists [sic] in Manchester”

  1. Good posting

  2. 2 Mr Jolly not Jelly

    who gives a fuck wot edmund i’m still standing thinks abowt anything. he’;s a fuckking tory you dipshit (and a racist one as well).

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