Antifa notes: yes we have no BANANAS


Slack Bastard:

Jock Palfreeman

As expected, Jock Palfreeman’s appeal against a 20-year prison sentence has beendismissed by the Sofia Court of Appeals. After a further appeal to a higher court has been held, Jock’s case will likely be taken to the European courts: a forum in which there remains some possibility he will obtain a just outcome.


German police have reacted angrily to the successful disruption of neo-Nazi gatherings in Dresden on the weekend, raiding offices belonging to Nazifrei Dresden! and (temporarily) closing its website. Somewhere between 15–20,000 people protested/blockaded the neo-Nazi rally/march on February 19, which attracted less than 1,000. (Speaking of Germany,The Blog Formerly Known as Anti-German Translation has loads of links of interest to anti-fascists… just sayin’.)


Finally, on a slightly less serious note, National Anarchist! blog has a series of photos of some BANANAs belonging to the San Franciscan-based White supremacist group. A recent post on the Southside Chicago ARA blog reports that a BANANA-inspired blogger may be waving a gnat flag in Indiana (adding that “If they do show up, they’ll be treated the same as BANANA was on May Day last year”).

South Side ARA:

Rumors are also surfacing that Andrew Yeoman, of the Bay Area National “Anarchists” (BANA), a third positionist white supremacist organization, is attempting to set up a chapter in Indiana.  If they do show up, they’ll be treated the same as BANA was on May Day last year.

3 Responses to “Antifa notes: yes we have no BANANAS”

  1. 1 dr0fn0thing

    the newspaper jungle world reports that some antifas also attacked up people who they identified as being “antideutsch”. the victims of the attack were waving a british flag and also showed the flag of israel.
    the antifas were attacking them, took away the flag of israel and beat the holder of the flag until he got unconscious. later he had to go to the hospital.

  2. 2 dr0fn0thing

    (this happened on a antifa blockade in dresden)

  1. 1 No Bananas (1996) - Movie

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