Blog notes


1. Bob From Brockley: On green and black fascists and red anti-fascists. On Marxist sectarianism, green idiocy, the BNP and SLA, and that Austrian hotel.

2. Tendance Coatesy: On the European left. On No2Eu.

3. The New Centrist: Pointing you elsewhere.

4. Slack Bastard: On anarchists, fascists, squatters and violence in Greece.

5. Chris Hale: On Obama, Dresden, the Shoah and moral equivalence.

6. Red Star Commando: On aging Polish social democrats seeing to the fash.

7. Sketchy Thoughts: On militant anti-fascism in Canada. (Via 3wt)

8. Principia Dialectica: On John Rees, cynical apologist for a murderous regime.

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  1. Thanks for the link!


  1. 1 Daily News About Canada : A few links about Canada - Friday, 15 May 2009 14:01

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