Terminal 119


Contested Terrain: Greek Leftists Oppose Left Antisemitism

From the Greek “Terminal 119 collective” in Thessaloniki, Greece:

Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism

A week ago we wrote a text with the title “Is Anti-Semitism going to achieve what truncheons did not?”, noting that an evident anti-Semitism had started being manifested in various places within the country, hidden behind the anti-Zionist veil of opposition to the bombardments in Gaza. Our main concern in that text was to prevent any kind anti-Semitic outburst in Greece, something that would wash out any right attempts with a direction towards ‘inside’ (the creation of the ‘domestic enemy’), caused by December’s riot 2008 against the Greek state’s structures. While writing that text we could not imagine that we would soon face such a direct realization of the text’s title, something that happened three days ago in front of Larisa’s synagogue, during a rally. While a large group of riot police was standing at one side of the synagogue holding their truncheons, at the other side there was a battle taking place between some people who wanted to remove the Star of David from the synagogue’s entrance and those who wanted to protect it. Indeed, at this specific moment there was no external suppression. The problem was within the rally.

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In the comments: negative potential wrote that apparently they’re affiliated with Cafe Morgenland in Germany: http://www.cafemorgenland.net/.

See also: Land and Autonomy.

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