Depressing and confusing


Karl Pfeifer on the attack on concentration camp survivors at Ebensee.

Leftist knife attack on Jews in Buenos Aires. [More here.]

…and lots more.

Meanwhile, the news from Greece is confusing. We have seen young people rioting, Greek fascists co-operating with the police to attacks the youth, racist attacks on Muslim and other migrant targets, abetted by the corrupt authoritarian government, anarchists involved in stupid Baader-Meinhof style propoganda of the deed, and now Muslims rioting provoked by some idiotic blasphemy panic, and of course far right counter-attacks on more Muslim targets.

From the Czech Republic, news of which I know not what to make. Apparently, the the “Autonomous Antifa of Moravia” (AAM) have claimed a violent attack on the stalinist Union of Young Communists of Czechoslovakia (SMKČ), an attack initially assumed to be by neo-Nazis. See this statement from the Trots of Revo.

And, finally, what are we to think of the terrorist attacks on Starbucks in New York, the perpetrators of which are still undetermined?

4 Responses to “Depressing and confusing”

  1. 2 Will

    Some nazi couture crap here —,1518,627114,00.html

    also — Swan used as weapon against Easterner’ … both the Swan and the man attacked escaped major injury apparently.,1518,627139,00.html

  2. 3 antigerman

    Thanks both of you

  1. 1 Jews – Pigs – Murderers « Anti-National Translation

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