Hip young gun-slingers against Jew-hatred! Dinosaurial old trade unionists for Greater German fascism!


Four items only related at a very high level of totality…

Item 1. The wonderful Julie Burchill at Limmud.

Julie Burchill choked with emotion as she spoke about her affinity to Jews and Israel during Sunday’s Brighton Limmud, held at Roedean School on the seafront.

More than 100 of the 600 capacity crowd heard the controversial writer describe herself as “philo-semitic”. She recalled watching The World At War TV series as a young girl and mistakenly believing that the Israeli tanks filmed during the Six-Day War were on their way to rescue Jews in Auschwitz.

The struggle of the Jewish people continued in Israel — “a tiny country fighting for its life against Islamists and antisemites. I feel much more affinity to Israeli Jews who, unlike diaspora Jews, are sick of being nice and turning the other cheek”.

She went on to term antisemitism as a virus widely carried: “There are so many ‘nice’ people in this country who are only two drinks away from antisemitism and many of them are not even aware of their illness.”

[More from Mel P.]

Item 2. The Little England trade unionists at No2EU are now embracing German fascists in their alliance against the forces of liberal cosmopolitanism.

On Henry Nitzsche (here):

“I am sick of being the bogeyman,” Nitzsche said on Friday, confirming his resignation from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Nitzsche had recently caused an uproar in Germany when he said that Germany “should never again be governed by multicultural fags from Berlin.” He was referring to the previous German coalition government consisting of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Green party.Nitzsche also spoke about the German “cult of guilt” in the way Germans deal with their country’s past. (15.12.2006)

Nitzsche is reported saying a few years back  that, “”A Muslim would sooner allow his hand to rot away before checking the box next to the CDU on his ballot.” (here)

According to Wikipedia’s German pages: “Seit dem 18. Februar 2008 ist Nitzsche Vorsitzender der von ihm gegründeten Wählervereinigung Bündnis Arbeit, Familie, Vaterland – Liste Henry Nitzsche.” That’s how he got elected.

Family, Work, Fatherland – sounds familiar, hein?

Item 3. The Metropolitan police did kill Ian Tomlinson after all.

[via Coatesy]

Item 4. Norbert Trenkle on fictitious capital.

Important. More from Postone.

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