Catharsis! Oxygen! Wonderful retro-futuristic insanity of the imagination!


Some responses to Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.

7 Responses to “Catharsis! Oxygen! Wonderful retro-futuristic insanity of the imagination!”

  1. funny, i found the review of inglorious basterds quite horrible, and the film itself to be wonderful.
    i thought the film was great precisely because it defied the reviewers’ need for a jewish victim story, and the viewers need for jewish characters as “talmudic” who “offer endless interpretations to the fundamental question of our species.” who needs that philosemitic nonsense?
    what was great about the film is that the jewish band precisely defied that stereotype and became as the camp survivor jean amery calls “a fighting jew.”
    but in this film, the jews don’t only scalp nazis nor fight futile battles. they actually end the war, by destroying the nazi leadership.
    compare this to the tom cruise film, which tries to dig for a german nationalist hero to counterpose to hitler. that realism becomes wholly reactionary.
    it is with the fantasy of successful jewish revolt, which changes the course of history, which makes tarantinos’ film great!

  2. “The film levels the playing field for Jews and Nazis, he says, showing that the violent revenge of the helpless is “all too human.””

    This statement is also ridiculous! It mistakes the film as reality, and then makes a judgment about Jews and humanity based on fake characters and fake events, as if it is a sociological observation of actual events.

  3. The “Four Great Films” review is pathetic, telling us that the film glorifies war and that we should have compassion even for Nazis. Please! How many ridiculous, bloody war and mobster films come out every year, and now it’s the murder of hitler and the nazi elite that arose your compassion. give us a break, will ya.

  4. “Matt Y’s Take” wasn’t worth reading, though I wonder what he means by this line: “The war itself is sort of the foundational myth of America’s drive for worldwide hegemony, and the story sort of works better with Jews closer to its center.” Because Jews are so skilled at dominating the world, or what? Bizarre.

  5. I couldn’t read Debbie Schlussel’s text after this line: “no-one in Hollywood has the guts to do an “Inglorious Basterds” with Americans fighting our current enemy: Muslim invaders who’ve also replaced their friends, the Nazis, as the thugs upon Europe.”

    Muslims are the “thugs in Europe” who are “invading America.” This is just racist crap.

  6. Jeffrey Goldberg’s review is fabulous!

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