Variousness 5


The Revolutionary Communist Party and its “liberal” comrades.

Radical Leftists, Neo-Nazis, and other “Anti-Zionists” in a Tizzy Over the Launching of Z Street.

Germany’s Obama: Cem Ozdemir’s support for Israel is considered unshakable. (Via Greens Engage)

Poland in Pictures.

Gelman and Good Dictatorships.

Steve Cohen: Writing as a Jewish traitor – An imagined disputation with my comrades on anti Semitism.

Leftists Learning History from Neo-Nazi Propaganda./Leftists Learning History from Neo-Nazi Propaganda, Part II.

From the Vaults: Wolfgang Pohrt on The Radical Left and National Liberation.

Monthly Review journal’s support for Iran causing internal crisis?

More “problematic cliches” about Nazi Israel at the Guardian.

Barney Frank and the “Nazi” analogy.

John Rees, Islam Channel, the Stop The War Coalition and the (H)(h)olocaust.

If Only the Uighurs Were Buddhist and China Was Israel.

Selective Justice: Israel and Sudan.

Why the Goldstone investigation is tarnished.

A Palestinian homeland: Why not Uganda?

Viva Italia.

The Swedish blood libel:

Recycling Old Libels.

Swedish Blood Libel Scandal Festers On.

Scoop: Swedes Harvest Norwegian Fishermen’s Feet.

The irrationality of Israel-bashing.

More background: The Prime Minister’s silence; Sweden’s funding of anti-Israel NGOs.

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