The Anti-Imperialist Left: Marxists versus Moonbats


From JCPA (via Engage):

Holocaust Denial as an Anti-Zionist and Anti-Imperialist Tool for the European Far Left

Dave Rich

  • Iranian state promotion of Holocaust denial is an example of anti-Semitism being used to generate anti-Zionism, the reverse of the normal dynamic. It has given a boost to Holocaust-denial activities worldwide.
  • The growth of an antiglobalization, anti-imperialist political movement has created a political space on the Left in which Holocaust denial is no longer taboo, if framed in an anti-Zionist context.
  • Mainstream Holocaust commemoration is increasingly under attack as a Zionist or imperialist tool. For some leftists, the contradiction between their antifascism and their anti-Zionism is solved by casting Jewish communities and the European far Right as political allies.
  • Jewish communities ought to stress the specifically Jewish lessons of the Holocaust as a way of combating anti-Zionist and Islamist Holocaust denial.

BobFromBrockley (via Engage):

I just signed up to an online sample copy of Critique, a UK-based magazine of the independent Marxist left. The below is an extract from their editorial (it’s just over a year old), which I post here not to fully endorse, but as another piece of weaponry in the struggle against the rococco left.

Critique Notes – Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory:
“there can also be no question that anti-Semitism is rising, particularly in areas where it has been endemic in the past half-century: Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Bebel’s dictum that anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools is partly correct in that the role of anti-Semitism is different from that of racism; it provides an alternative populist ideology to the appeal of socialism. MORE

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