Never forget, never forgive, never again


I have been struggling to find an adequate response to the depressing election results across Europe.

This, from 853, a London blogger, seemed like a good response:

FC St Pauli anti-Nazi memorial
Outside FC St Pauli’s ground, Hamburg, 8 June 2009.

Reeperbahn memorials
Outside a porn cinema on the Reeperbahn, Hamburg, 8 June 2009.

Gestapo cells, Cologne
The prison cells in the Gestapo’s old HQ, the EL-DE building, in Cologne, 9 June 2009.

Roma memorial, Cologne
Outside the EL-DE building, Cologne, 9 June 2009.

For analysis, follow the links from here.

2 Responses to “Never forget, never forgive, never again”

  1. 1 schalomlibertad

    i don’t understand that first photo, of the monument. to remember “the fallen” from 1914-1918 and 1939-1945? is this for the german soldiers (ie. including the Nazis)?

  2. 2 antigerman

    Hmm. I didn’t look closely enough at the pictures. The first one is obviously a war memorial, rather than a memorial to the victims of European fascism. I think it remembers “our” fallen rather than “the” fallen – a nationalist sentiment of which I do not wholly approve. Not that I have anything against honouring the war dead. It is important not to forget the horrific idiocy and mass slaughter of WWI, and the terrible sacrifices of conscripted men fighting for good and bad causes during WWII, and all the other dead that made the 20th century a truly horrible time in Europe.

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