Variousness 23


The anti-Zionism of fools and other sicknesses in the radical milieu

Stop The War Coalition and Jenny Tonge: the slide from “anti-Zionism” to anti-Jewish racism

Zeitgeist exposed.

The Anglo-Boer war and the history of left antisemitism (for the contemporary significance, see Conspiratorial George).


Oliver Kamm on Dresden and the Holocaust (via Mick Hartley)

Theory and critique

Bookchin: Nationalism and the “National Question”

Danny Postel on the Iranian Revolution and Anti-Imperialism
Some notes on ‘the anti-imperialism of fools’ (response to Postel and Cutrone)
Orthodox Marxism on the rocks (for Postone, against Dunayevskaya)

Back to 1993:

If you want peace, prepare for class war, peace_class_war.pdf
During the last year there was much political debate between Greek and (Slav) Macedonian bureaucracies upon the name, the constitution and the symbols of the new Macedonian state. Two large nationalist demonstrations were held by the major political parties in Greece in order to put pressure on EEC bureaucracy to stop backing our neighboring nation-state’s claims on the name »Macedonian«. The first one took place in February 92 in Thessaloniki and the second one in Athens last December. Over one million people took part in them (that is one in ten Greeks) and apart from the Trotskyists and some other Leninists who opposed the demonstrations, agitating for »the right of (Slav) Macedonia to self-determination « – a bourgeois statist concept derived from Lenin, which cost them harsh persecutions on the part of the Law – few »anti-authoritarian« groups managed to confront nationalist propaganda, at least on theoretical terms.

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