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Hitler lover


I feel that I ought to have made some comment on Bernie Ecclestone’s professed love for Adolf Hitler. However, I couldn’t think of anything original. This is Jim from Shiraz Socialist: The brilliant Catherine Bennett, writing in today’s Observer, nails both the disgusting little Hitler-lover who runs the so-called “sport” of Formula One, and the […]

Cross-posted at Poumista. My comrade Bob From Brockley once created two wikipedia articles on “liberal anti-fascism” and “militant anti-fascism”. These articles have now been deleted and merged into the anti-fascism article, where their content has been whittled away. For the historical record, while the two old articles can still be found on the commercial sites […]

A German Green, fined for playing loud klezmer music to drown out neo-Nazis. [Via The Daily (Maybe)]

Edmund Standing at HP: British neo-Nazis launch National Illiteracy Strategy. Extract: “An oddball group, to put it mildly, the ENR tries to borrow the ‘anti-Zionism’ and revolutionary pretensions of the far-Left and mix this with hatred for ‘race mixing’ and style tips seemingly borrowed from the grime scene.” Related: National Alternative, Australia. Previous: New product, […]

Blog notes


1. Bob From Brockley: On green and black fascists and red anti-fascists. On Marxist sectarianism, green idiocy, the BNP and SLA, and that Austrian hotel. 2. Tendance Coatesy: On the European left. On No2Eu. 3. The New Centrist: Pointing you elsewhere. 4. Slack Bastard: On anarchists, fascists, squatters and violence in Greece. 5. Chris Hale: […]

At Three-Way Fight: Don Hamerquist replies to Nick Paretsky’s comment on Don Hamerquist’s Thinking and Acting in Real Time and A Real World.

Three-way fight: 16 year-old antifa stabbed to death in Madrid 70 years on and within Spain there is still struggle with fascism. Fascist groups, like others across Europe, are organizing on anti-immigration grounds. Both in the streets and at the ballot boxes, fascist groups are leveling attacks against Arabs, South Americans, Asians and Africans. November […]