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Variousness 12


Antisemitism: Why Left Wing Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism [via @ndy]; California’s leftist Pacifica hosts bilingual neo-nazi and antisemitic show; the Islamist-populist alliance; more on Michael Moore. Theory and critique: New Moishe Postone; Why anarchists should not attack banks. “National anarchism”, “autonomous nationalism” and their variants: in Auckland, in the Czech Republic, in California, (Background: on California […]

Variousness 11


// Israel/Palestine: Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle of the direct actions of the AAtW and Palestinians escalate. Uri Gordon’s Anarchy Alive on video. (Plus ZMag review.) Another friend for the Palestinian cause: Hungary’s fascist Jobbik party. The first “anti-Zionist” anti-war movement. // Boycott news (for @ndy): Ken Loach vs Israeli film. Will they boycott antibiotics? Vanessa […]

Variousness 10


// Israel/Palestine: Oktoberfest in Palestine. // Germany: Antisemitism on stage: Fassbinder’s late appearance. Politics or Pathology? Review of The Baader-Meinhof Complex. To Whom Honor is Due: A disgraceful capitulation. // UK: Nick Griffin denies Iranian nukes. // US: Crummy student occupations. // From the archive: 1. Unweaving The Tangle: Zionism, Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism. 2. On antisemitism […]

Althouse on Capitalism: A Love Story: The most striking thing in the movie was the religion. I think Moore is seriously motivated by Christianity. He says he is (and has been since he was a boy). And he presented various priests, Biblical quotations, and movie footage from “Jesus of Nazareth” to make the argument that […]

Variousness 7


// UK: The BNP pose as anti-war. The EDL doesn’t add up. German lessons for Labour. // US: Counterpunch and the blood libel. Glenn Beck and left-right confusion. // Poland: Legacies of “Judeo-Bolshevism”. // Germany: Die Welt 19.09.2009, via S&S Henryk M. Broder fears that Leon de Winter‘s latest book “The Right of Return”, which […]

Variousness 5


The Revolutionary Communist Party and its “liberal” comrades. Radical Leftists, Neo-Nazis, and other “Anti-Zionists” in a Tizzy Over the Launching of Z Street. Germany’s Obama: Cem Ozdemir’s support for Israel is considered unshakable. (Via Greens Engage) Poland in Pictures. Gelman and Good Dictatorships. Steve Cohen: Writing as a Jewish traitor – An imagined disputation with my comrades […]

Antisemitism and the (modern) critique of capitalism schalom libertad By Werner Bonefeld The Nazi ideologue Rosenberg (1938) formulated the modern essence of antisemitism succinctly when he portrayed it as an attack on Communism, Bolshevism, and Jewish capitalism, a capitalism not of productive labour and industry, but of parasites – money and finance, speculators and bankers. […]

This came via Engage: Reflections on the Antinomies of Capitalist Modernity: History, the Holocaust, and the Left Moishe Postone Professor in the History Department at the University of Chicago The author of Time, Labour, and Social Domination: A Reinterpretation of Marx’s Critical Theory, his research and teaching focus is on critical social theories of capitalist […]

Terminal 119


Contested Terrain: Greek Leftists Oppose Left Antisemitism From the Greek “Terminal 119 collective” in Thessaloniki, Greece: Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism A week ago we wrote a text with the title “Is Anti-Semitism going to achieve what truncheons did not?”, noting that an evident anti-Semitism had started being manifested in various places within the country, hidden behind […]

Following this post, the thread continues here: 1 (Bob), 2 (Bob), 3 (Bob), 4 (Matt). Useful background: CT on the wordplay approach to antisemitism, Ignoblus on antisemitism as a cultural code, Shift magazine on Indymedia’s degeneration.