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News from Australia, Italy, England and elsewhere, all from Andy. Then, further down, some news from the US. 1. Australia In local (and much more amusing) news, teenage fascist Scott Harrison has formally abandoned his short-lived attempt to pose as an ‘anarchist’ online, and instead thrown in his lot with the bizarros belonging to the Church of Creativity. […]

A long and well-worth reading post at Z-Word: The Anti-Jewish Riots in Oslo, a guest post by Christian Tau of NIJ, about Eirik Eiglad’s recently published The anti-Jewish riots in Oslo. I find the post somewhat problematic because of this passage: A left-wing activist Author Eirik Eiglad is the editor of Communalism, a journal which […]



An introduction to council communism. // Wonderful photographs of workers rising up in Egypt last April. // Ronald Radosh and Caitlin Flanagan on the outrageous parolling of baby-killer and fascist insect Sara Jane Olson aka Kathleen Soliah. See also Radosh on Mark Rudd. // The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Israel. Rosa – red, green and […]