True Brits, Kremlin anti-imperialism and German Talibanis


The Soupy One has a post on the links between True Brits, the newest entrant to the crowded space of rebranded fascist groupuscules in the UK, and broadcaster Press TV (mouthpiece of the theocratic regime in Iran, and sometime home of George Galloway) and Russia Today (mouthpiece of the authoritarian regime in the Kremlin, and sometime home of Julian Assange).

There is an almost interchangeable group of white nationalists, Holocaust deniers and neofascists that inhabit the wastelands of the Far and Extreme Right, as Searchlight has established.

What is particularly galling is how these extremists have wormed their way into parts of the media, notably Press TV and RT. Long term associate of David Irving, Lady Renouf, was a regular on Press TV. Nick Kollerstrom‘s revolting The Walls of Auschwitz was published by Press TV without a murmur.

The constant drip-drip of antisemitism at Press TV is acknowledged by most objective observers, however, Russia Today tends to evade such scrutiny even though it is reasonably neofascist friendly.
Peter Rushton, a regular on Press TV, long term neofascist and member of “True Brits”, is a contributor, although Russia Today promotes him as a supposed ‘political analyst and historian’.

As HOPE, not hate stated:
“Rushton is one of Britain’s leading Holocaust deniers and has links to nazi groups across Europe and antisemites in the Middle East. He was previously involved in the BNP but was expelled by Nick Griffin in 2002. He is currently deputy editor of Mark Cotterill’s magazine Heritage and Destiny and regularly speaks at National Front, British Movement and RVF events.


In a related story, INN reports on the trial of a German former neo-Nazi who converted to Islam and joined the Taliban on the Af-Pak border.

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