London Anarchist Bookfair 2013


It’s that time of year again.  It will be on Saturday  27th October  From 10am to 7pm at Queen Mary’s, University of London on the Mile End Road. Here some ANT  suggestions.

Equality – a bad idea 12 noon – 1pm Room 3.22

Equality, fairness and justice are widely appreciated not only in the democratic mainstream but also among Anarchists and Marxists. In this meeting we want to present and discuss what it means when the state grants its citizens equality and why this is not a sham. This is, we claim that one cannot adequately demand “real equality” when opposing domination and exploitation. More generally, we propose that equality, fairness and justice are no weapons of critique and would like to open the discussion on this. Organised by: Wine and Cheese Appreciation Society of Greater London

Alternative: 1839: The Chartist Insurrection 12 noon – 1pm Room 3.18

The Chartists were the original political movement of the working class, and 1839 was the year a National Convention assembled in London, and revolution seemed a real possibility. The year ended with an armed uprising in London, followed by the trial of its leaders for treason. Our speaker, David Black, is co-author (with Chris Ford) of a new book on the events of 1839. Organised by: Hobgoblin

Lifestyle anarchism or revolution and views of the past years events 1pm – 2pm Big lecture theatre

The veteran London Anarchist Martin Wright delivers a pugnacious attack on “lifestyle anarchism”, snobbery and rampant sexism in what passes as the “movement” in London. Academics, intellectual groupies, “polyamory” political correctness will be subjected to merciless sarcasm. Included is a summary of the year’s events culminating in a rousing call for a return to the fundamental basics of anarchism, freedom, class struggle, an anti-authoritian attitude and revolution. Speaker: Martin Wright

Can Dialectics still break bricks in 2012? 5pm – 6pm Room 3.17

The critique of value can certainly help, that is why the left ignore it…. Debate. Organised by: Principia Dialectica


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