Looking back at 2011


Here’s what 2011 looked like here.

Top posts

  1. The Hitler youth hairstyle
  2. Suicide bomber chic
  3. Zog not keynmol: Yiddish partisan march
  4. The anti-imperialism of idiots: Libya and Egypt
  5. About
  6. Clarification: Anti-Germanism, Bahamas, the English Defence League, and the Gates of Vienna
  7. Black bloc
  8. From Casa Pound to Anders Behring Breivik: Looking at recent developments in European fascism
  9. Fighting for global justice while wearing Nike
  10. Gilles Dauvé, Jean Barrot, Guy Dauvé, La Vielle Taupe, Pierre Guillaume, Amadeo Bordiga, Didier Daeninckx, Not Bored and LibCom
  11. Variousness 39
  12. Keffiyeh politics
  13. National anarchists [sic] in Manchester
  14. Fuck Hamas. Fuck Israel. Fuck Fatah. Fuck UN. Fuck UNWRA. Fuck USA!
  15. #Occupy III: V for Vendetta
  16. Autonomous nationalists and national anarchists [sic]
  17. Jello Biafra and Zizek in Tel Aviv and Benjamin Weinthal in Germany
  18. Capitalism: a love story
  19.  The New Right and national anarchism
  20. Anti-fascist? Or anti-Israel?

Top referrers

  1. Dave Osler
  2. Tendance Coatesy
  3. Who makes the Nazis?
  4. 4.       Bob From Brockley
  5. Contested Terrain
  6. Anarchist News
  7. Entdinglichung
  8. But I Am a Liberal
  9. Stormfront (oh dear…)
  10. Red Star Commando
  11. Ross Wolfe
  12. The shituationist institute
  13. Casual Nothingness
  14. Principia Dialectica
  15. June sixon
  16. Property is Theft
  17. Resonance
  18. National anarchist
  19. Greens Engage
  20. Facing The War

Top search terms

This is a very depressing list.

  1. hitler youth haircut
  2. hijab porn
  3. hitlerjugend haircut
  4. casa pound
  5. nazi haircut
  6. anti-german translation
  7. antifa
  8. v for vendetta
  9. hitler haircut

10. hitler youth

11. hitler youth hair

12. anti german

13. anti-german

14. undercut men

15. antigerman

16. nike slavery

17. antigerman translation

18. hitler youth hairstyle

19. nazi hairstyle

20. autonomous nationalists

21. topless girls

22. gilles dauve

23. hitler youth cut

24. black bloc

25. antifa news

26. english national resistance

27. kaffiyah y’israelit

28. gregor gysi jewish

29. hitler jugend haircut

30. jean barrot

6 Responses to “Looking back at 2011”

  1. I think, it is a general phenomenon, taht the search terms do reveal, that probably up to 1/3 of visitors are looking for some really sick stuff on the net

  1. 1 Stimmt es, daß die BRD-Parteien von Juden gelenkt und gesteuert werden? Ist Gregor Gysi ein Jude? Ist Marina Weisband eine Jüdin? | Der Schlesier – Bewegung Autonomes Schlesien
  2. 2 Extremismus – Märkische Verfassungsschützer setzen Aufklärung über die Fortexistenz des Deutschen Reichs 2012 fort, Reichsdeutsche begrüßen das Projekt des Staatsschutzes von Preußen « VORSICHT FRISCH GEBOHNERT – Das offizielle An
  3. 3 Worst of Google « Entdinglichung
  4. 4 From the archive of struggle no.66 « Poumista
  5. 5 Anti-national/anti-German « Anti-National Translation

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