who put the shit in shituationism?

A recent conversation between Fancypunk and Dr0fn0thing, the first generation of the Shituationist Institute (est. 2008), tossing around some thoughts on crisis, rave and history. (pdf version) (jpg version)

Fancypunk: I feel like Greece the last years turned into a weird, uncomfortable place. The new occasion of the “financial crisis” somehow interrupted the ordinary life incredibly fast. People during this situation changed, if not radically. We were entering into a  seemingly new age of the capitalist society, we face a multidimensional crisis, that structurizes a new social structure. [READ THE REST]

welcoming the end of activism

Instead of doing oracles of coming insurrections we present you with this text welcoming the end of activism. The attempt is to create from the analysis of the failure a history that exactly makes this failure and not the myth of the prior status the deliver-worth content.

A world-wide resistance movement which wanted to offer new forms of protest and organization showed up since the 1990s. But the real existing bourgeois anarchism in the form of individual activism of privileged middle-class individuals lead to the disorganization of this movement and thus to its tendentious shutdown. [READ THE REST]

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