Variousness 37


Whose Ritz? Our Ritz!: editorial of new Shift magazine

At Radical Archives: Bookchin on Malatesta and syndicalism (1977)

Matthew Lyons: Rising Above the Herd: Keith Preston’s Authoritarian Anti-Statism

From the Charnel-house: On the Historical Specificity of the Marxist Theory of Imperialism

Principia Dialectica: Nationalism – the deadly diversionMore on Officer Platypus Dibble

Via the communist angel: The collection Dialektik der Wertform. Untersuchungen zur marxschen Ökonomiekritik by Hans-Georg Backhaus is finally back in print.

From the TRL anarcho-blogging round-up:

Which brings us nicely to the anti-fascist arena, where Czech Antifa take a look at the far-right ripping off their style. Anti-Racist Action takes on the National Socialist Movement, whilst Andy reports thatone of their number was shot at home by his own son. He also has an as-ever irreverent take on the Australian Defence League’s plans to hold a May Day counter-rally.

From the fallout of the Royal Wedding, the Great Unrest hosts a personal account of ten of the arrestson the day. Laurie Penny‘s and the Anarchist Writers‘ takes on this are also noteable. Solidarity Federation have also condemned the raids the day before as “simple intimidation tactics.”

More antifa stuff from the Slackster: ‘Russian Anti-Racist Skinheads’ : DocumentaryAndrew Yeoman is Andrew White is Local Idiot to Burn the Koran is BANANA split with nuts

Via James Horrox: Imagine a country

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    Reading the piece about neo-Nazis stealing anarchist duds. I notice that the bulletpoint explanation given can just as easily be applied to anarchists. They’ve gotten into a situation where any change is better than none; views, political agenda or coherent ideals are not important, but instead seek political influence, power and action of any kind, even senseless. Take this passage:

    “In the previous decade, their self-presentation was in the name of hatred and negation, but now they are starting to present National Socialism as something that can influence everybody’s life here and now – not just after the takeover.”

    Just replace “National Socialism” with “anarchism” and the same criticism could be applied the other way. And some of it is just plain wrong: “In addition, they’ve tried to get a hold on a variety of new topics, such as ecology, anti-capitalism, resistance against multiculturalism, globalization or animal rights.” National Socialism mixed with ecology, anti-capitalism and animal rights are new concepts? They know very little about Nazism to think that that’s anything new.

    Really, anarchists need to look in the mirror for once. Why are Nazis stealing *their* stuff? Why does anarchist propaganda, anarchist uniforms in the form of the black bloc, and anarchist messages resonate among Nazis? I don’t think the Nazis are entirely cynical about this. There’s a totalitarian movement in the form of Nazism, and its aesthetics are almost entirely interchangeable with that of the anarchists. It says something about anarchism, and that it might be much darker and scarier than people might think.

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