Man and Nature, Part IV: A Radical Critique of the “Green” Environmental Movement


Read this piece by Ross Wolfe. More on this, possibly, at some future point.

5 Responses to “Man and Nature, Part IV: A Radical Critique of the “Green” Environmental Movement”

  1. Thanks as always for the plug! Hope all is well here.

  2. 2 d

    I think it’s indecent to uncritically promote the work of someone who exults Lenin and Trotsky, especially on a blog that calls itself anti-national.

    “No longer beholden to these machines, gadgets, and other devices, but their master, human society can use these technological instruments to radically reshape nature for the benefit of both society and nature.”

    This rallying cry from the article seems almost purely delusional. Who, pray tell, will work in the “emancipated” coltan mines? Emancipated oil exploration? Emancipated plastics production?

    Certainly environmentalism is another capitalist ideology, but the fascist-environmentalist continuum seems tenuous at best (and the connections Wolfe tries to make speak more to his lack of knowledge of the milieu he writes about than anything else). The connections between Bolshevik and fascist ideology on the other hand…

    • I’m sorry you found the final section of my article so “delusional.” Engels seemed fairly optimistic about humanity’s “dominion over nature” under a postcapitalist society.

      As for the national question, I actually tend to sympathize a bit more with Luxemburg than with Lenin and Trotskii. But that doesn’t mean that Lenin and Trotskii were wrong about everything. Both of them were dedicated internationalists. Stalin was the one who turned to nationalism.

      • 4 d

        Maybe one day you’ll get the chance to shoot the environmentalists down like partridges.

  3. Also, I do back up the connection between the fetishization of honest traditional farming folk in “buy local” with Fascism.

    Not to mention the Nazi veneration of nature and flirtation with paganism.

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