For a No State Solution Across the Middle East

Anarchists Against the Wall

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Via Roderick T Long:

The Center for a Stateless Society announces a new Arabic website and an open letter to the Egyptian people.

One of Kevin Carson’s pieces has also been picked up by a couple of prominent Middle Eastern news sources, here and here.

For news on the latest activities of Anarchists Against The Wall, see here.

There are four main areas of struggles the AAtW activists are involved with: Joint struggle with communities that invite us to join, like Bil’in and other struggles against the separation fence. Other joint struggles against occupation and settler colonialists like Nabi Salih. Joint struggles with wider coalitions like the Sheikh Jarrah coalition and South Hebron. The fourth is within Israel, like prison and jail solidarity, Al Araqeeb and Lod. It seems that our confrontational and direct-action mode of struggle is being adopted by more and more Israeli radicals.

Also read: Facts on the Ground versus Ideas for Peace; Cameron Hunt on a no state solution for Iz-Pal.

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  1. 1 Who Cares

    Market anarchism, oy vey…

  2. I’m not endorsing the links, btw, just think they’re interesting

  1. 1 New. Clear. Vision. | The No-State Solution

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