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Image from Mick Hartley, of Brick Lane, a mainly Bengali area of East London.

2010 at Antigerman Translation:

WordPress has given me some stats about my blogging performance in 2011:

The top referring sites in 2010 were contested-terrain.net,brockley.blogspot.com, and davidosler.com.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for hijab pornanti-german translation,cartoon bananaantifa, and anti german.

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.

Clarification: Anti-Germanism, Bahamas, the English Defence League, and the Gates of Vienna February 2010 13 comments

Gilles Dauvé, Jean Barrot, Guy Dauvé, La Vielle Taupe, Pierre Guillaume, Amadeo Bordiga, Didier Daeninckx, Not Bored and LibCom January 2010 22 comments

About 17 comments

Zog not keynmol: Yiddish partisan march October 2009 1 comment and 1 Like

Suicide bomber chic July 2008

Some of the bloggers and others who I want to thank for their support over the year include: Terry Glavin, radicalarchives, Ben, D, BNB, Andy, the Shituationists, Who Cares, and Joe.

I should add that in 2010 I increasingly got fed up with the blog, and in particular the stupid name I gave it. In 2011, I will be re-launching under a new name.

Contested Terrain:

Instead of reading AGT, you really should be reading Contested Terrain. Read their review of the year here. Some extracts:

The three most popular posts this year were BobfromBrockley‘s Wikileaks and the conspiracy theory of history (938 reads), which, due to it’s coverage at Engage, brought in a huge number of traffic in a short amount of time. The second most popular post was Judith Butler: “Hamas, Hezbollah are part of a global Left” with 907 reads, and the third most popular was the translation by Platypus of the anti-German text,“Communism and Israel,” Initiative Sozialistisches Forum (499 hits). Revealing to growth of Contested-Terrain in 2010, all three posts became the top all-time read posts!

Two highly recommended resources added to the site this year is Werner Bonefeld’s excellent essay “Notes on Antisemitism”, and the late Steve Cohen’s “That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Antisemitic”. By bringing together the critical theory of Adorno and Horkheimer and that of Moishe Postone, Bonefeld’s text gives a serious understanding of antisemitism in contemporary capitalist society. It is neither a short nor easy text, but is absolutely worth a read! And Cohen’s cutting critique of the left’s relationship to antisemitism is despite the time that has passed since it’s publishing, still absolutely relevant today. If you’re tired of blog posts, read these great texts!

Top referrers to Contested-Terrain this year were the Berlin-based website x-berg.de, which Contested-Terrain is syndicated on, and Bob from Brockley.  Some other sites bringing traffic to Contested-Terrain include: Sketchy ThoughtsEntdinglichungSimply JewsAnarchoblogsGreens EngageEverybody Hates a TouristRed Star Commando, and Modernity Blog. Thanks to Stephen at Notes for text suggestions. Keep ‘em coming! Additionally, I am glad to see traffic coming in from Doug Henwood’s wonderful Left Business Observer.

The top three sites that we sent traffic to were radicalarchives.org (for the post on Judith Butler and her statements about Hamas and Hezbollah, the blog Antigerman Translation and the website of Workers Liberty for an interview with Moishe Postone on Zionism, Antisemitism and the Left.

Other sites worth a mention are Shift Magazine and Letters Journal. (Here is a sample from the latter, a translation from Contested-Terrain contributor Angelus Novus of Michael Heinrich’s “Invaders from Marx: On the Uses of Marxian Theory, and the Difficulties of a Contemporary Reading.”

[…] The topic of nationalism also received a lot of attention, with the four following posts: Wolfgang Pohrt on The Radical Left and National Liberation. Pohrt’s text was one of the early anti-national texts of the German Left, before the emergence of the anti-national (and anti-German) tendencies following German “reunification” in 1989. Murray Bookchin’s “Nationalism and the ‘National Question’” text is over 15 years old yet continues to be relevant for left debates on nationalism. And the essay from the London group of the Junge Linke (Young Left), Why Anti-National? goes into even more interesting aspects of “the nation.” Another popular hit was the Anarchist Federation’s Statement, “Against Nationalism.”

Another popular topic was that of anti-imperialism with the following three posts: On anti-imperialismDanny Postel on the Iranian Revolution and Anti-Imperialism; and Two Critical Texts on Anti-Imperialism. The latter two texts have been added to a new resource page on anti-imperialism.

Updates and postscripts:

On Fuck Hamas! Fuck Israel!: more at the Observer, via Sarah AB. Terry detects a coming convulsion.


Jobbik’s Anti-Zionist Antisemitism. // Spanish Liberals And Western Sahara. // The Lies Of George Galloway (And The News Media’s Habit Of Trafficking In Them). // Allies, what allies?

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  1. 1 fancypunk01

    Personally I was very glad to find your blog. Please keep it up , your work through this blog is essentially important for the Movements and circles of criticism beyond Germany.

    greetings from the shituationists

    in solidarity


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