EVENT IN LONDON 11 NOVEMBER: Antisemitism – a shortened critique of capitalism?

From Junge Link/Wine and Cheese Appreciation Society of Greater London’:
Start: 11. November 2010 19:30 Ende: 11. November 2010 22:30
Ort: The Harrow (upstairs) Straße: Google Map 22 Whitefriars Street, London, United Kingdom, EC4Y 8JJ

The worker’s movement usually considered antisemitism to be the socialism of the fool or a shortened critique of capitalism. On the contrary, we hold that antisemitism is a critique from a nationalist point of view. Antisemitism therefore is not “too short”, but is at odds with a reasonable critique of capitalist social relations.

Antisemites blame Jews for phenomena they consider to be destructive. For instance, they hold that national policies were not made in the service of the citizens, but bent according to “the Jewish will”. With respect to the economy, especially in finance, Jews are denounced with profiteering more than others and doing so without “honest labour” – again to the detriment of everyone else. Furthermore, Jews are accused of dominating culture with “their money” and seducing people into disregarding proper art in favour of “superficial art”.

We want to discuss how these accusations relate to the capitalist world organised in nation states. We want to show that antisemitism is not half a critique, but an ideology hostile towards the abolition of exploitation and domination.


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