The Lefticon


From Reifying the Left:

Anarcho-hoboism: A street culture of Anarchism that glorifies illiteracy, homelessness, alcoholism, narcotic addiction, living under bridges, eating out of trash cans, refusing to bathe, and owning as many dogs as possible. Most gutter punks are anarcho-hoboists.

Apparat-chic: A style of dress and behavior that is fashionable on the socialist side of the protest ghetto. Fellow travelling as mindless consumerism. A leather jacket with a hammer and sickle on it is apparat-chic.

Disposable radicalism: Modern consumerism, in all its toxicity and emptiness, dressed up as a form of “revolutionary” politics. Buying a Che t-shirt is an act of disposable radicalism, as is wearing it to a protmar.

Leftobotic: A form of leftism that mindlessly follows a failed program and is completely unable to observe current conditions or intelligently adapt to them. The anti-war movement is leftobotic.

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