Variousness 28


Ya basta! Another anarchism is possible!

Via Molly, another anarchist critique of “Black Bloc tactics“, plus follow up here. [More here: 1, 2, 3.]


A fantastic post on George Galloway.

Critique and Theory

Via Entdinglichung, treasures from the back archives of Common Sense. Issue 1 includes Werner Bonefeld’s “Open Marxism”, 2 includes his “Marxism and the Concept of Mediation”, 4 includes Hans Kastendiek “Teaching Politics: The Development of West German Political Science”; 6 from 1988 has material on the protest against the World Bank/IMF Meeting in Berlin, as well as more Bonefeld; 10 has Elisabeth Behrens on workers’ struggles under the Nazis; 11 includes Karl-Heinz Roth “Death rules over Germany” and Götz Aly and Susanne Heim “The economics of the final solution”; 16 includes Sergio Bologna’s “Nazism and the working class 1933-93”; 21 includes Bonefeld’s “Notes on antisemitism” (an important reference point for this blog); and the final issue, 24, includes Werner Bonefeld “On Fascism: Note on Johannes Agnoli’s Contribution” Wildcat (Germany) reads John Holloway – A Debate on Marxism and the Politics of Dignity, and Bonefeld’sThe Politics of Change: Ideology and Critique”. Lots more Negri, Holloway, Bologna, etc, throughout.

New at Libcom: AufhebenValue struggle or class struggle? A review of The beginning of history by Massimo De Angelis (2008) and The language of retreat: review of Virno’s A grammar of the multitude (2008).

Another weird one from Radicalarchive: Bob Avakian on SNCC, Anti-Zionism & Anti-Semitism (2005).

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