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News from Australia, Italy, England and elsewhere, all from Andy. Then, further down, some news from the US.

1. Australia

In local (and much more amusing) news, teenage fascist Scott Harrison has formally abandoned his short-lived attempt to pose as an ‘anarchist’ online, and instead thrown in his lot with the bizarros belonging to the Church of Creativity. The shift has proven to be an enormous boon to the Church in Victoria which, with the addition of Scott’s girlfriend, has catapulted its membership from 0 to 2. Sadly, Creativity’s gain is national anarchism’s loss, with another teenager, this one from Hamilton, left holding the bag.

    Undaunted by this setback, National Anarchists AUS/NZ have taken to the kitchen to extoll the revolutionary potential of baking bread: “The more we take power away from government, corporations, and other outsiders, the more that our folk and community can benefit.” Or: “We must secure the existence of our bakeries and a future for White bread” [].

Of course, by siding with one of the two tiny splinters in the Church in Australia, Scott has effectively alienated its most vocal proponent, fellow/rival Reverend Patrick O’Sullivan. Fortunately perhaps, given O’Sullivan’s habit of sticking knives into other racialists, Scott is in Geelong, while Patrick stalks Melbourne. (See also : antifa notes (march 29, 2010).)

Speaking of knives — well, guns, actually — one of the three men police have accusedof involvement in ‘Combat 18′ (and shooting at a mosque in Perth) is Bradley Trappitt. Bradley is innocent until proven guilty, obviously; curiously, he’s also friends with Welf Herfurth, the ‘leader’ of the dwindling ranks of ‘national anarchists’ in Australia. Like seemingly ever other Jew-hatin’ Australian, Trappitt (‘Aussie_Knight’) posted on the White supremacist website Stormfront (joining in November 2004), contributing some very moving poetry [] while also taking the opportunity to riff on some neglected aspects of modern German history: “You want to know who started the War… THE JEWS[!]” [].

As for Herfurth, he’s also a Holocaust denialist, and in September — as Aryan Master of Racial Ceremonies — plans on welcoming to Australia fellow denialist Paul Fromm. Fromm is a Canadian, and like Herfurth has a long history of involvement in fascist organisations: last year he marched alongside the neo-Nazi ‘Aryan Guard’. In the United States, Fromm has been welcomed as an expert by Fox News but, given the difficulties Herfurth’s German kameraden have had in the past in entering the country — as well as those experienced by British figures such as Nick Griffin and David Irving — whether or not Australian authorities allow Fromm into the country is an open question.

In either case, the meeting which Fromm has been invited to address is the Sydney Forum, organised by members of the Australia First Party (and a handful of other racist cranks). This year’s event will undoubtedly be an interesting affair, and besides the question of Fromm’s attendance, the main item of interest will be which Sydney RSL club will have the privilege of boasting it provides a platform for neo-Nazis? Last year, Petersham RSL claimed the prize (past winners have included Bexley and Eastwood RSLs).

2. Italy, UK, Global

Autonomous nationalism and why antifascism needs a working class perspective,, Phil Dickens, Truth, Reason & Liberty, June 11, 2010. Moaron ‘autonomous nationalism’, antifascism, teh workers and local developments coming soon.

Beating the Fascists: The Authorised History of Anti-Fascist Action, Freedom Press. A brand spanking NEW! book which, as the title suggests, is an ‘authorised’ history of AFA, to be officially (and with the requisite authority) launched on July 28 — the 25th anniversary of the now-defunct group’s launch. See alsoAntifa England.

Casa Pound and the New Radical Right in Italy, Moyote Project, mute, April 20, 2010. Local bizarro Luke Connors (ex-AF/PYL) once adopted ‘Casapound’ as his handle on Interwebs forums. He reckons Unkle Ezra was not a fascist. The moar you know…

PictureAnd from America:

Rose City Antifa is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 16th annual Anti-Racist Action (ARA) Network Conference in Portland, Oregon from July 22 to the 25, 2010. The conference will include ARA’s annual plenary, caucuses, and discussion on current issues facing antifascists. We are also organizing several workshops and social events that will be open to non-members. We hope all ARA members as well as anti-fascists who agree with our four Points of Unity will join us in July!

Workshops will be on a wide range of subjects including:

  • The Far Right and the Ecology Movement
  • Anti-Semitism and Holocaust-Denial
  • White Supremacy and the Police
  • Anti-Racist Organizing in Rural Communities
  • Left-wing Anti-Semitism and Left/Right Overlap
  • Anti-Fascist History
  • And several more…

Check out our website––over the next month for updated information regarding location, schedule, and public events.

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