Call for An Anarchist Manifesto about Palestine



Anarchist ideas and politics had gained a foothold in middle east region, but still we are totally absorbed in promoting these ideas and politics while the heat of social struggle is escalating everywhere.

These ideas were created by the oppressed masses as the core of the revolutionary programme of their struggle; this means that we are facing an urgent need to formulate an ANARCHIST analysis and criticism of the current situation and the prevailing power and production relationships in our societies, to assure that these ideas and politics will be translated into what they are supposed to be: a revolutionary programme of social change towards free self-managed society.

I assume that an anarchist manifesto about Palestine will be in a way or another a manifesto (and a critical analysis) of the situation of our societies in general; and a necessary introduction of an anarchist manifesto of the middle east and Arab and Muslim world. I think that the Jordanian comrades, and the Israeli ones, and the activists of Anarchists Against the Wall are in a position to put down the preliminary ideas about such a manifesto, which must be discussed widely afterwards by every interested anarchist organisation and individual.

This is not a process to create a final infallible anarchist analysis and programme about Palestine, this is a process of formulating a suggested anarchist analysis and programme that will not help only to stimulate free discussion about the issue among anarchists themselves, but also to stimulate the Palestinian, Israeli, Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian, Lebanese and other masses to take the initiative about their own present and future, and to be part of a wider discussion among the oppressed masses about the best way to their freedom .

Mazen Kamalmaz, Syrian anarchist

2 Responses to “Call for An Anarchist Manifesto about Palestine”

  1. 2 arif abdurachman

    Just back, how about Society in their faith?
    If i’m comparing anarchist that who believe in religion and not, it’s such hard situation to be integrated. But actually somehow Palestinians did because the circumstances over there is impulsing to do fight System/government.
    these are what anarchism should be…
    I’m just beginner…
    greeting from jakarta

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