“Truth”: an extreme apprehension of reality


On  John Patrick Bedell:

Now it’s just a matter of time for liberal and conservative pundits to claim this guy was either a right-wing or left-wing extremist. Yet the “truthers” cut across the partisan divide and include kooks from both fringes. One thing they all share in common is a conspiratorial world view and an extreme apprehension of reality.

Speaking of which, expect the conspiracy sites to claim this was a CIA (or other government agency) psyops action intended to make the “truthers” appear violent and insane in order to turn the American public against them. I hate to break the news, but we did not require somethink likt this to happen to know ya’all are nuts.

Christopher Hitchens, writing in 1988:

When people cease to believe in God, remarked G.K. Chesterton slyly, they come to believe not in nothing but in anything. When people cease to trust the word of the authorities, it might be added, they often become not more sceptical but more credulous.

See also: Survivalism, dissent, conspiracy beliefs; The conspiracist continuum.

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  2. wow fun stuff man.

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