Easy to go after John Demjanjuk?



The trial of Dimaniyuk in Munich is so laughable. Not because the man is not guilty, but as an Ukrainian amidst many Germans who remained without penalty their entire lives. It is easy for Germans to go for him, he is a foreigner, not a German…

8 Responses to “Easy to go after John Demjanjuk?”

  1. Why have you deleted your shite where you link to nazis?

    You thick fucking cunt.

    Never forgot.

    Dirty disgusting nazi loving cunts like yourself need to be exposed for wot you are.

    Thick nazi cunts.

  2. Gates of vienna — ha ha ha.

    You thick fuckking Cunt.

  3. Erm, what is your point?

  4. 4 Mary S.

    I love how the Jewish Community make it sound like O it is the Germans who are going after John Demjanjuk. Well it was the German who started this whole mess and it is the Jews who are playing on this.

  5. Mary, you are either an antisemite or very confused. “The Jewish Community”? Most Jews have been pleased at the prosecution of John Demjanjuk. And what do you mean by “this whole mess”? The slaughter of 6 million Jews and 4 million Roma, Communists, homosexuals, disabled people and others? It was not “the Germans” who started that; it was the Nazis. And what do you mean by “playing on this”? Trying to get a tiny sliver of justice, decades after the destruvtion of European Jewry?

  6. antigerman is a kike fukk if ever I saw one, playing the ‘anti-semite’ calling game to suppress facts and stir stupid racist emotion. Admit it antigerman, you hooknosed web shylock.
    He is playing you all for the goyim you are, and has associates or alias playing along, to keep you all herded up good n proper in their ‘loop’.
    There is no ‘opinion’ allowed at these blogs, just controlled propaganda. Make up your own blog with some truth about the fake jeweesh race criminal outfit peddling hollow hoaxes, wars, global economic ruin, 911 media control and slavery, for starters, and see how quick antigermans zionist controllers take it down in true 404 fashion. These posts are damage control, they offer confusion and diversion, nothing more. Try these instead > *http://www.prothink.org/ and *http://www.realjewnews.com/

    get fucked antigerman, the fiery lake awaits u and your kind,
    and you will eat boiling shit, make no mistake, kike :)

    • I have delinked your links, Kike Patrol, despite their comedy value and left your message here as a sample of the antisemitic bullshit that still exists today.

  7. Thanks for the corrective gesture antigerman, apologies for those links, I was unaware they were active and not permitted.
    Your labelling of those links as ‘comedic value’ confirms again the content in my previous comment, and allows others (assuming ‘others’ are not all you, or your comrades filling these blogs, peddling yourselves as ‘educated intelligent majority opinion’) to make up their own minds, about who are the real anti-semites from Europe, pretending to be semites themselves, performing anti-semitism in the middle east against genuine semites.

    antigerman, do your clan of zionist shills really get hard woodies stringing along the gullible and trusting goyim the way you do? It’s silly schoolyard kids bully stuff that’s gone on for too long. Go out and do a days hard work and become a man, not an outfielder player for the global Rats team, who will fuck you over too when all nearby goyim are destitute, or so dumbed down and nut numbed from mindless entertainment, they won’t work anymore to pay off your bankster mob bosses usury rates. They may even decide to become gangstas themselves and target your lot to rob, and who knows what else they decide to copy from you…
    I don’t know why you don’t just delete Kike_Patrol comment, save yourself a typing headache, and have this propaganda and ‘useful idiot magnet’ site running smoothly. Or are you planning to defect soon anyway and become goy when the heat gets close? Everybody ‘knows’ antigerman, the house of Zion cards are slowly crumbling, not even a global war or economic collapse are going to get the talmud script kikes out of this one. Last chance Mr.Anti-Semite Patroller :)

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