Turning money into rebellion: some texts


Some texts at aaaarg.org, by Adorno, Arendt, Postone and others. At the bottom, critiques of primitivism from the Anarchist Library.

Theodor Adorno

On Foucault on the Iranian revolution:

Jean Amery

Hannah Arendt

Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier

Michael Billig

Jeffrey Herf

Moishe Postone

Hans Sluga

Michael Werz

(Via PD)

Against Primitivism:

Anarchism vs. Primitivism by Brian Oliver Sheppard
Demolition Derby: reflections on ‘primitivism’ by The Red Menace
Is primitivism realistic? An anarchist reply to John Zerzan and others by Andrew Flood
John Zerzan and the primitive confusion by Alain C .
John Zerzan and the primitive confusion, by En Attendant: A Review by Paul Petard
Letters against Primitivism by Iain McKay
(The) Poverty of Primitivism by Ken Knabb
Primitivism, anarcho-primitivism and anti-civilisationism: criticism by Andrew Flood

The Anarchist Library have also republished a number of texts from Green Anarchist, including material their early primitivist/eco-fascist period by Richard Hunt, and later material from their anti-fascist period.

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