Variousness 17


Andy defends Noam Chomsky against the claim that he is a capitalist pig, and also against the claim that he is Chavez’s clown. Here’s a fuller defence from TR&L. Closely related, Martin In The Margins on the post-left’s anti-imperialist reflex.

Related: whose fault is it in Honduras? One answer. Also: Iran, Brazil and the world stage.

Examples of the pseudo-radicals in the anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist movements. A racist Christian anti-Zionist in London (also here). And Bongani Masuko.

And examples of genuinely radical positions on the Israel/Palestine and the wider Middle East: Anarchism, ethnicity, and culture: revolution and reaction in the Middle East. Dissecting political and militant Islam.

Baader-Meinhof: The element of madness – on the letters of Gudrun Ensslin, Bernward Vesper and Andreas Baader.

More on the Claude Lanzmann story. And more from Karl Pfeifer.

Finally… Climate change denial as conspiracy theory.

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